M.S. Students

David Berard (co-advised: Prof. Lyle Hood)



David Berard graduated Summa Cum Laude with his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at UTSA in the spring of 2018. He completed his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree in Spring 2020.  


Undergraduate Students

Hayden Bilbo


Hayden is a third year undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering at UTSA. His research interest includes materials and aerospace engineering.


Joshua Gale



Joshua Gale is completed his undergraduate in Biomedical Engineering student at UTSA in spring 2020. He is passionate about biomaterials, 3D-printing, drug delivery, and regenerative medicine. Currently, Joshua is working as the project lead on developing an integrated bandage for chronic wounds. He has a strong work ethic and is always ready to brainstorm new and innovative ideas for every problem that he encounters.


Graduate Students who Participated in Research

Brandon Oran Perez (Master Student, Fall 2019)


B.S. Mechanical Engineering, UTSA, 2019
Brandon is passionate about research on aerospace applications that deal with materials and thermal applications.

Undergraduate Students who Participated in Research

Lyann Serrano (Summer 2020)



Lyann is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Mathematics at Northeast Lakeview, transferring to UTSA to pursue a Masters Degree in Mathematics and (possibly) minor in Computer Science. She has a deep interest in computing and proving/disproving mathematical theories.

Walter Billard (Spring-Fall 2019)


Walter is an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student at UTSA. He is passionate about design, mechanics, and 3D-printing.


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